Appsplex is the one spot solution for all of your web requirements.

Appsplex was created to provide highly-quality consultant services to domestic and international companies. We enable small and medium-sized organizations to grow and consolidate their web presence. We are committed to providing high-quality solutions through effective coding and design strategies.

Our Founder

Our founder, Anthony Clay, has received the prestigious Global Recognition Program Award from General Electric for his leadership in developing the largest electronic trading partnership in General Electric's history, contributing to $2.7 million in savings the very first year.

Much of his success is attributed to Six Sigma training which is a highly disciplined and data-driven process that focuses on developing and delivering near-perfect products and services. He has successfully guided several clients from definitions to implementation including Sprint, Daimler AG (Chrysler), Compaq, Ericsson Communications, Sara Lee, Fidelity Investments, McDonald's, and Nike.

Our Staff

Our staff comes from diverse backgrounds with a solid foundation in integration, strategy, IT development, marketing and sales for both Global 1000 and start-up companies. Utilizing our diverse talents, we strive to create a better workflow by the solutions we provide and the relationships we build.

We can provide efficiency, creativity, insight, innovation and professionalism. We are a hard working team with ambitious leaders that will bring energy and enthusiasm to every project we engage.

Appsplex has the passion, commitment, experience and technology to help our clients achieve their goals.


Dalton Grant

Dalton Grant

Senior Software Engineer
With more than 10 years of web and IT experience, Dalton boasts an impressive resume, having fashioned software for notable Fortune 500 companies as well as for promising startups. Dalton's eye for detail combined with his extensive knowledge-base makes him well-equipped to see key opportunities for growth and change, and craft seamless solutions to make it happen.

Dalton is also an avid biker, a committed learner, and a 'dog dad' to his French bulldog, Lolita.
Sara Austin

Sara Austin

Senior UX/UI Designer
Sara is a champion of communication design, with a noteworthy background in graphic design, brand strategy and marketing. She is a passionate designer whose ability to craft intuitive and elegant UX/UI solutions that solve real-world problems is underscored by her bright entrepreneurial spirit and her ability to quickly adapt to changing business goals.

In her spare time, Sara enjoys photography, painting and trying to keep her houseplants alive.
Johanna Collins

Johanna Collins

Project Manager
Johanna's wealth of experience in project management, corporate sales and customer service is the reason she excels in strategic planning and number crunching, skills that are essential to the success of projects. Clients value her ability to envision projects from inception, simplify the complicated, and define clear pathways to success. Johanna continuously meets and exceeds our client's expectations, as well as ours!

Johanna is also triathelete, amateur pastry chef, and the proud owner of a red Vespa.